Choose the bell-shaped

Follow the installation instructions

Don’t place your greenhouse near other structures

Monitor weather conditions

Pay attention in early spring

Remove snow from the top and surroundings

See the comparison between Sungrow and Sigma models below.

Sungrow & Sigma Comparison

The Sungrow and Sigma greenhouses are popular options among growers but differ in several ways. In this comparison, we'll look closer at the Sungrow and Sigma models to help you determine the best fit for your needs. We'll examine factors such as size, snow load, wind resistance, and warranty so you can make an informed decision when selecting your next greenhouse.

  • Sungrow

    Height: 94.5 in

    Width: 118.1 in

    Length: Varies

    Snow Load: 6 feet (75 psf)

    Wind Resistance: 65 miles per hour

    Warranty: 10 years

  • Sigma

    Height: 83.9 in

    Width: 118. in

    Length: Varies

    Snow Load: 3 feet (32 psf)

    Wind Resistance: 65 miles per hour

    Warranty: 5 years

Warranty Terms

An extended warranty is included with all Planta Greenhouses. A 5-year warranty is available for the Sigma and Ministar, and a 10-year warranty for the Sungrow.

  • However, your greenhouse may not be covered by warranty in case of damage caused by:

    • Mishandling, misassembly, misuse, accident or collision.
    • Forces of nature, inclement weather, or general wear and tear.
    • Unnecessary loads inside of shelves.
    • Unnecessary loads hanging from the frame (Sungrow’s arches withstand up to 100 lbs/45.3 Kg. Sigma’s arches withstand up to 5 – 10 lbs / 2.2 – 4.5 Kg).
    • Heavy snow that isn’t cleaned on time (lack of maintenance).
    • Snow build-ups due to the greenhouse location and structures surrounding it.